Functional Elements – Overview

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Medien-Nr.: MB-3440-1_EN
Produktnummer: MB_3440-1-EN
Herausgeber: Working Group: Mechanical Joining - Subgroup: AGMF4 Functional Elements
Erscheinungsjahr: 2. Januar 2023
Seitenanzahl: 13
The technical bulletin is intended to provide the user of functional elements with an overview of the individual techniques for joining by forming. The EFB 3440 technical bulletins provide the user with the basics of joining and assembly techniques, form- and force-closure joining of functional elements on thin-walled components by forming, information on the structural de-sign of the components, their preparation and mechanical properties. The terms and specific technical features were defined in cooperation with industrial users, independently of manu-facturer specific equipment and tooling characteristics.

1 Purpose of the Technical Bulletin
2 Basic Principles
3 Terms and Definitions
4 Classification of Functional Elements
5 Process used to punch a Hole
6 Design of Threaded Joints with Functional Elements
6.1 General Information and Specifications
6.2 Proof of Strength for Threaded Joints with Functional Elements
6.2.1 Static Stress
6.2.2 Fatigue Stress
6.3 Electrical Properties
7 Quality Assurance
8 References
8.1 Rules and Standards
8.2 Literature