Mechanically attached Fasteners - Piercing, Riveting and Pressing Fasteners

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Medien-Nr.: MB-3440-2-EN
Produktnummer: MB_3440-2-EN
Herausgeber: Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Blechverarbeitung e.V., Arbeitsgruppe: Mechanisches Fügen
Erscheinungsjahr: 2. Februar 2024
Seitenanzahl: 23
The bulletin EFB 3440 is intended to provide users of mechanically attached fasteners (clinching fasteners, functional elements) with an overview of the individual processes and process sequences as well as recommendations for design and assembly. This bulletin EFB 3440-2 deals with process-specific features of piercing, pressing and riveting fasteners. 
 For the first time ever, this bulletin provides users with proposals for the calculation and assembly, and verification methods for joints with mechanically attached fasteners. The bulletins of the 3440 series consist of the following parts: 
 Part 1: Overview (EFB 3440-1) 
 Part 2: Piercing, riveting, pressing fasteners (EFB 3440-2)
 Part 3: Blind rivet nuts, threaded studs (EFB 3440-3) 
Basic terms and definitions used in the bulletin EFB 3440-2 are explained in the preceding bulletin EFB 3440-1 - Overview.