Self-pierce Riveting – Special Processes

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Medien-Nr.: MB-3410-2e
Produktnummer: MB_3410_2e_0
Herausgeber: Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Blechverarbeitung e.V. und DVS – Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. - Gemeinschaftsausschuss "Mechanisches Fügen"
Erscheinungsjahr: 1. April 2021
This guideline is based on the DVS/EFB Technical Bulletin 3410 "Self-pierce riveting - Overview" and describes special self-pierce riveting processes. These may have diff erent joint properties, process sequences or joining kinematics. The processes listed represent the very latest technology. At the time of going to print, the processes are not subject to any industrial application and their practical implementation must be clarifi ed on a case-by-case basis. This list does not claim to be complete. Only processes for which there are signifi cant publications known to the working group were included.

1. Purpose and scope of the guideline
2. Description of the special self-pierce riveting processes
2.1. Semi-tubular self-pierce riveting with split dies
2.2. Solid self-pierce riveting with split dies
2.3. Pierce-compressing riveting
2.4. Reservoir self-pierce riveting
2.5. Self-pierce riveting with closing element
2.6. Self-closing solid self-pierce riveting
2.7. Self-pierce riveting with pre-assembled semi-tubular rivets
2.8. Flange self-pierce riveting
2.9. Clinch riveting
2.10. Self-pierce riveting with overlaid motion
2.11. Impulse self-pierce riveting with single impulse
2.12. Impulse self-pierce riveting with multiple impulse
2.13. Self-pierce riveting with component heating
2.14. Hydro self-pierce riveting
2.15. Solid self-pierce riveting with double-locking discs
3. References
3.1. Standards and Guidelines
3.2. Literature